Change Log

Here you can track all the changes made on DaySchedule App, Scheduling pages, API and extension. You may signup to get the latest news in your inbox, every month or watch this page for the list of changes.

Google Analytics 4

We’ve updated the scheduling pages to use new GA4 properties for analytics and track your visitors, enabling remarketing ads to get more bookings for your event or services.

Just add your google analytics ID and start seeing real-time reports for your visitor and conversion tracking

WhatsApp notifications and reminder

We’ve got WhatsApp approval to send meeting reminder, appointment notifications on WhatsApp. Starting today, you can use our pre-approved templates available on Workflows to send the meeting reminders on WhatsApp automatically.

Clone events

We’ve added the clone event feature to quickly create a copy of an event with new name, description etc.

So, now you can make a copy of your existing events . To copy an event : Events page > Click on Action button > Then click on Clone this Event

Clone events

Payment visibility

We’ve re-designed the scheduling pages to display the pricing details for paid events. If there are any paid event, the amount will be visible on all views (event, calendar and registration form) while scheduling an appointment

Appointment registration form answers are added in the calendar description.

We have improved the calendar sync feature to include the meeting question-answers on Microsoft or Google calendar description.

So, if you have your calendar connected with day schedule - You can quickly see your customers’ responses on your calendar as well.

Line breaks and formatting in event description

We’ve added the formatting feature in event and page description to keep line breaks, spaces, special characters intact as added by users.

Thank you to Ashwita for the feature suggestion.

Scheduling manager for teams

We have added the /schedules API to easily manage your team schedule, adjust working hours, mention holidays.

The scheduling managers can now publish the team member schedule and specify them in events.

For example, if you are an Edtech business and have scheduling managers who are responsible to post the external teachers, coaches schedule where students can book the classes - The scheduling API will allow you to maintain the team calendar, events and their schedules in real-time sync with the calendar booking page.

Here you can track all the changes made on DaySchedule App, Scheduling pages, API and extension. You may signup to get the latest news in your inbox, every month or watch this page for list of change logs.

April, 6 2022

March, 2 2022

February, 12 2022

October, 6 2021

September, 13 2021

August, 5 2021

  • Launched DaySchedule on Producthunt
  • Fixed a bug causing Google calendar not synced for some users
  • Improved /integrations page to show all integrations by default
  • Added spots option for Group events. For example - classes, webinars appointment scheduling where multiple invitees should attend the same event.
  • Fixed /users page to add scrollable option for responsive/mobile view
  • Disabled ask invitee, Outbound call option for group event as the group event should be in a single location for all invitees to join on selected time slot.
  • Improved booking download feature to download all bookings, invitee fields to make the download feature more usable.
  • Added new feature to show scheduling link suggestion on signup, if the selected name is not available to book.
  • Added search feature on website documentation “Powered by Algolia”

July, 28 2021

  • New: Added Total spots left message for group events scheduling button.
  • Fixed: Upgrade overlay showing on paid plans
  • Fixed: User table fixed to make it scrollable for responsive/mobile view

July, 4 2021

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