How to download booking invitees registration data in Excel

See how to use the download feature to download all your booking, events, or webinar registration data on a spreadsheet, CSV, or excel file.


  • Go to the bookings page
  • Click on the download button
  • A CSV will be downloaded with all the bookings, under your account with the following fields.

Field name Description
booking_id Unique booking id
org_id Unique org id
event_id Unique event id
event_name Name of your event
event_type Type of event (one-to-one, group, round-robin etc)
host_id User id of the person hosted this meeting
host_name Name of the user/host
subject Email subject of this booking
description Event description and location details
start_at Meeting start time in UTC
end_at Meeting end time in UTC
time_zone Time zone this event is registered on
status confirmed/unconfirmed
color Event color code
location Location details for this meeting
created_at created at timestamp in UTC
updated_at updated at timestamp in UTC
invitee_id Unique invitee id
invitee_name Name of the invitee
invitee_email Email address of the invitee
invitee_guests Invitee guests list (if any)
invitee_time_zone Time zone of this invitee
invitee_questions Question/form entered by invitee while booking this event
invitee_registered_at Timestamp when this invitee booked the event
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